Enjoy a photo tour of our five year adventure, from buying five acres of stunning hill land in the Western Ghats of South India, to creating the first ever ‘Ashtanga yoga homestay retreat’ in the world!
You’ll see our dream unfold from over-grown jungle and lots of mud, to a spectacular home with guest accommodation, beautiful Ashtanga yoga shala, outdoor kitchen, wonderful garden, organic vegetable patch and breathtaking views over the Western Ghats.
We also have also captured some of NIRVRTA’s fabulous nature, which includes elephants, peacocks, birds, moths, tropical fruit, nourishing vegetables and heaps of trees, plants and flowers.
Just for fun you can flick through our album of Guruji counting a Led Intermediate Ashtanga yoga class at KPJAYI (Mysore, India).  Philippa is wearing blue!
creating NIRVRTA
yoga homestay
NIRVRTA's nature
KPJAYI shala