The two weeks at Ashtanga Nirvrta were absolute bliss for me. Philippa and Mahesh have created a little piece of heaven in South India. The location is absolutely stunning surrounded by coffee plantations, bush and birds. I never tired of sitting outside enjoying the view in the sunshine. Everyday I was treated to the most amazing sattvic South Indian cooking. It’s worth the trip just for the food. Then of course there is Philippa, who is a very experienced and highly knowledgeable Ashtanga yoga teacher. She is incredibly passionate about the practice and beautifully honours the integrity of Guruji’s teachings. The whole experience was an absolute delight and I am looking forward to the next trip already. 
– Nea Ferrier, Australia
I spent the most wonderful two weeks with Philippa and Mahesh at their idyllic homestay NIRVRTA. They have created something truly homely and charming. It is difficult to pin down what I liked most as there was such an effortless perfection to the set up and all our activities were orchestrated with such ease and in such a carefree environment. Philippa, thank you so much for the dedication, patience, perseverance and kindness that you have shown us in your teaching. Mahesh, a big thank you for the masterful cooking you spoiled us with every day. And who could forget all the laughs we shared over our meals? Anyone whose main focus is Ashtanga taught in the traditional way and with a lot of personal attention, this is the place to be!
– Katerina Peskova, Czech Republic
I have had such a wonderful time at Nirvrta and I am deeply grateful for this amazing experience. I have learned so much from you Philippa – you have opened a new level in my Ashtanga Practice (physically and mentally) – thank you so much!!
– Nina Servatius, Germany
Spending two wonderful and unforgettable weeks at Philippa and Mahesh’s retreat was a great blessing for me. From the moment I arrived I had this feeling that I’m in good hands and being taken care of. Philippa is an amazing teacher who loves to teach and share her knowledge with others with love and generosity. She helped me in a perfect way to get rid of the injury I made a year before when I was doing my self-practice. She made me confident again and believe in my ability to do my daily practice, with right alignment in order to avoid injury.  Food, rooms and atmosphere are perfect and feel like home. I just can’t wait to attend my next retreat. Thank you Philippa and Mahesh for creating such a lovely space and for sharing it with all of us.
– Arezoo Bayat, Iran
I’ve been on numerous yoga retreats, holidays and workshops, but the two weeks spent at NIRVRTA with Philippa and Mahesh, are by far the best. 
Jane Donaldson, New Zealand
Yoga: I feel blessed to have Philippa Asher as my Ashtanga yoga teacher. She is born to teach, to share her knowledge with love. Her teaching is about quality and focuses on right, perfect alignment and in this way you never injure yourself. She always corrects you with a smiley face and positive energy and never gets angry or exhausted doing it. She loves to teach. She is an amazing, generous, motivational, inspirational, ecstatic teacher who knows the limit of her students and that’s incredible. Sharing her experience along with historical and philosophical talks on yoga, on top of the hill is a great idea. Sometimes she’ll ask you a question that you don’t know the answer to, yet manages to get you to answer it. WOW! Meditation at the time of sunset helps to make sense of everything in life. Thank you my dear teacher.  Homestay: To be here for two weeks is a homely feeling, with home-cooked healthy, appetising, aromatic, delicious South Indian food. Pure fresh unlimited coffee, tea and chocolates for those who love it. Thank you Mahesh and cooking team. After brunch you can rest, read books, play bowls or games like Monopoly and after dinner watch documentaries or feature films. Day off is a trip around Sakleshpur (Kadamane Tea Estate, Manjarabad Fort). The climate is wonderful. It is a heavenly experience surrounded by nature where there are trees, mountains, birds, flowers and unknown creatures everywhere. Sounds of nature and twittering in the morning, the chirps and whirs at night. The homestay experience is only possible through the tireless job of Mahesh. He works so hard to make it feel like home for the guests. Thank You Mahesh!
– Narendra Kumar, Delhi
Thank you Philippa for having opened the door to your house, heart and knowledge of Ashtanga yoga. I will keep a wonderful memory of you and I  thank you for your patience. You are undoubtedly a great teacher. So I’m very lucky to have crossed your path.
– Peggy Baudelle, Corsica
Absolutely incredible location.  Well done on finding this gem of land.  I have been on several retreats, but this is by far the most memorable.  The house is magical and we were made to feel at home as soon was we arrived.  The food is out of this world.  Thank you to the lovely ladies and Mahesh, who fed us like royalty for the last two weeks.  We have been spoiled!  As for the yoga, I cannot thank Philippa enough for being such an awesome teacher.  I have learned more than I imagined possible in such a short time.  Every morning I shall hear “straighten your arms, use your inner thighs” as I practise at my home shala in Dubai.  You are a born teacher with a passion for the ‘real’ yoga and keeping true to the tradition (which is super hard to find), so I will be ever grateful for the past two weeks.  You also gave me a kick up the arse, which was needed!  Mahesh and Philippa you have both been outstanding hosts.  I honestly could not have had a better time.  As soon as I know my holiday entitlement for next year, I’ll be back again to practise with you in 2017.  Thank you both for everything!
– Jessica Hellin, Dubai
Phil, thank you for the yoga teachings.  A door has opened for me, I feel more deeply connected with myself and my body, another layer has been revealed. I am so happy to have so much to work on until we meet again and that it feels such a natural path to walk upon. Mahesh, thank you for organising so much for us. The visit to the temples was beautiful and so much fun. Thank you for adding happiness logs on our fire every day, for the belly laughs, the wit, the spices, the photos and of course the amazing food. My head is full of bird songs, warmth, laughter, delicious smells, yoga thoughts, walks, contentment and calmness. My imagination is running wild as unleashed, fully inspired by the wonderful homestay you both have created and the kindness you have showed us all. The settings are truly magical.
– Caroline Gurney, France
It was a very pleasant experience to spend two weeks at Ashtanga Nirvrta.  Philippa and Mahesh were very warm and welcoming and treated their guests like long-time close friends and family.  Philippa is a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable and skillful.  Her insights of the practice are great and I just adore how she uses the practice based on how Guruji taught her.  The location of Ashtanga Nirvrta is perfect. It is everything that I expected it to be: away from city life, quiet, serene, peaceful and relaxing.  I love that it is far from regular life, but still has homely comforts. The food is phenomenal. The local Indian ladies who prepare the food are the best.  The food I ate during my two weeks stay is probably the best food I have ever had. Everything about my experience at Ashtanga Nirvrta is just awesome.
– Lloyd Anthony Arandia, Philippines
Ashtanga Nirvrta is a fabulous experience.  The location is beautiful – no wonder it took them so long to find.  The weather was great and the sights and sounds of the jungle surround you all the time.  The yoga is exceptional, the workshops are deeply moving.  Our class size was small, so it was as if we each had a private 1-2-1 lesson each day for 2 weeks.  There is nowhere to hide from Philippa’s eye, she sees everything and adjusts and assists your postures.  I learned more in two weeks than I would have done in years of led classes back home.  When I got back to my usual classes everyone was amazed at how much I had improved.  The food is all freshly prepared and vegan, it was a constant surprise and delight.  Thank you both so much for my time at Nirvrta.
– Tim Goldsmith, England
Ashtanga Nirvrta’s location is the perfect combination of nature, tranquility, calm and Eden and is an amazing place to escape to.  The home-cooked food is unbelievable and the local women’s attention to detail in their cooking, flower and rangoli decorations, teach you so much about this amazing culture and country.  Philippa and Mahesh are absolutely impeccable hosts, who make you feel as though Ashtanga Nirvrta is your home.  They open their outstanding homestay and share with you priceless moments.  Philippa’s love and knowledge of yoga is so powerful.  She has taught us with passion and I will always keep in my mind, her sound advice. Thanks for everything and see you soon.
– Francesca Bompani, Italy
Philippa is a wonderful wonderful teacher and we feel super lucky to have met her! The homestay was a truly special experience – Thank you Philippa and Mahesh for sharing your home with us and taking such good care of us! A beautiful idyllic spot in Karnataka, amazing home cooked food, and lots of chats and laughs:) We had such a lovely time that we’ve already booked our next stay them. Can’t think of a better place to practise yoga – counting the days till we go back – we’ve been searching for a place in India like this for years ! Thank you Ashtanga Nivrtra’
– Urvashi Aneja & Avinash Kumar, Goa
I came to Ashtanga Nirvrta to relax from working way too hard and to get back into my practice. It seems I got way more than I could hope for… In no particular order: Practicing with Philippa is amazing! Having someone with her experience and presence giving you this personal attention is unique. I learned so much in just two weeks! Philippa and Mahesh are the perfect hosts. They make you feel truly welcome in their home & there is a limitless supply of great coffee and good conversation. Three local women cook healthy vegan meals every day, all fresh, all locally grown, all super yummy and traditional cuisine! The surroundings are beautiful and quiet, very rural, offering great walks in between classes. Philosophy lectures on top of a hill are the best idea ever! All in all, I had a great time and truly did not want to leave!
– Darja Tjioe, Holland
Thank you both for being such amazing hosts and for such an incredibly unforgettable journey into the jungle and on my mat! I feel so honoured to have practiced with you Philippa – I’m really grateful for your direction – my practice has taken a new fuller, more fulfilling dimension under your guidance.
– Uossy Atytalla, Egypt
I was lucky to be part of your retreat. Thanks for your guidance for taking me miles ahead and deep in my practice. And heartfelt thanks for your warm hospitality. Looking forward to join next year’s retreat…😊 Namaste
– Lavaya Alney, Hyderabad
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